$1,150,000 Mediation
$85,000 ArbitrationDecision
$75,000 ArbitrationDecision
Arbitration Decision
Full-Policy Tender
Full-Policy Tender
Client Released from Prison
Misdemeanor tickets knocked down

$1,150,000 Settlement for a client in a Trip and Fall case: Plaintiff was a delivery driver who tripped over the edge of a metal diamond plate while making a delivery at a commercial loading dock in Manhattan. He injured his back and right knee, and required a lumbar fusion and right knee arthroscopy surgery. Defendants moved for Summary Judgment on liability, alleging that the defect was "trivial" in nature, and non-actionable. Prior to the Court's decision on the SJ motion, and after a 5 and 1/2 hour mediation, the case settled.

$150,000 Settlement for a client in a car accident: Our client was rear-ended by a distracted driver, and sustained an injury to her right wrist requiring surgery. The driver's insurance company made an initial offer of $7,500 to settle the case. After a law suit was commenced, and six months after the initial offer, it was settled for the fair amount of $150,000.


$150,000 Settlement for a client in a slip and fall accident: Plaintiff was injured when he slipped and fell on a puddle in the hallway of his apartment building in the Bronx. The accident occurred on the top floor of the apartment building. At the time of the accident, the roof of the building was under repair. Due to the negligence of the construction company and building owner, rain water leaked through, causing the puddle which our client slipped on.

$140,000 Settlement for a client in a motor vehicle accident: Plaintiff was pulling out of a parking space in a parking lane on a street in Brooklyn, when she was side-swiped by a school bus. The driver of the school bus had been distracted by students on board and never saw our client pulling out of the parking spot. Our client sustained serious injuries to her left shoulder, requiring surgical intervention.

$85,000 Settlement for a client in a motor vehicle accident: Plaintiff was rear-ended in Suffolk County while she was stopped at a red light. The other vehicle fled the scene of the accident and was never caught. Plaintiff had neck and back injuries, which required multiple epidural injections. The case went to an Arbitration with 0-$100k parameters. The day before the scheduled arbitration, the case was settled. Plaintiff had limited recovery because she had a subsequent accident, and treated at two different doctors for the separate accidents, without telling each respective doctor about the other accident. 

$75,000 Arbitration Award for a client in a motor vehicle accident: Our client was on her way to work when she was clipped by a car making an illegal left-turn out of a parking lot. The initial collision caused our client's car to hit an utility pole. She sustained a minor tear to her left elbow, and several herniated and bulged discs in her back and neck. After receiving the full policy amount of the defendant's car insurance policy, we were able to obtain her a $50,000.00 award at arbitration from her SUM policy. Read more about Arbitration here.

$60,000 Settlement for a client in a motor vehicle accident: Our client was side-swiped while exiting Sunrise Highway onto the service road by an inattentive driver who almost missed her exit. Our client did not miss any time from work. He had several cervical (neck) disc herniations, and minor knee surgery. This matter was settled in the early stages of the litigation process.

$50,000 Settlement for a client in a car accident: Plaintiff was the front vehicle involved in a 3 car rear-end collision. The second and third cars pointed the finger at eachother and refused to accept liability. After a lawsuit was filed on behalf of our client, one of the cars accepted 100% responsibility and offered their full insurance policy. We are now going after the client's SUM/UM insurance in order to fully compensate him for his injuries. 


Client Released from Prison after being incarcerated for two years: Client was arrested for an alleged parole violation. He retained us after he had already served a year and a half for the violation. While reviewing the file, I was appalled by the Division of Parolee's actions. Our team filed a writ of habeas corpus on his behalf, and the presiding Judge overturned his conviction/violating, calling the DOP's actions a "gross abuse of power", and ordered the immediate release of our client. 

Misdemeanor tickets negotiated down to standard traffic violates. Client received four tickets, two of which were serious misdemeanors, which if convicted, would cause our client to have a criminal record. After negotiating with the prosecutor, we were able to get the two misdemeanors plead down to standard violations, and got a third ticket dismissed. 


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